First time with a shemale.

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After a few years of looking at Ellen and reading her reviews it was my turn. Hadn't been with a shemale before so Ellen was my first.
Made an appointment through text. 2000dkr for 1 hour, as I don't think she makes 1/2 hour appointments anymore.
Got to her place in Copenhagen where she received me in a robe. As other reviews have said over and over again: she looks like the pictures, though I think some of the pictures are photoshopped to make her tool look bigger than it is. Believe me it is still quite large 20cm+.
First she got the money and left the room while I got undressed, she came back and she could tell I was shy. We lay on the bed and she starts so suck me, while my hands explored. Eventually I found her black tool which was semi hard. I began to suck her and tried to take it all. It was difficult until she grabbed my head and pushed the last of her cock down my throat. It was awesome to have her all in my throat, eventhough I could barely breathe. I think it turns her on when your deepthraot her because now she stood beside the bed and mouthfucked me as deep as she could. With my mouth full she asked if I would like for her to fuck my ass, and I would.
I should lay on my side as she tried to enter me. It was difficult because she is so big, but eventually she got in and started to fuck me. She fucked me while lying on her side, then in missionary with my legs on her shoulders, then from missionary to me riding her without her cock leaving my ass, then doggy. It did hurt everytime she was fully in, but otherwise it was great. While in doggy she asked where I wanted her cum, and I said in my mouth. I lay on my back and she sits next to my head jerking her cock in my mouth. She came over my mouth and most of it went in my mouth and some on my face. There wasn't a lot but it tasted sweet. I would have prefered her to cum while fucking my face, but oh well.
I thought we were done, but then she asks: "Can I fuck you again?" I say yes. This time it was only in missionary, but a bit more rough, where I had to ask her to slow down. She leaned forward and we french kissed while she was fucking me. She went down and sucked me while still in my ass. She began to fuck me harder and said she wanted to cum in my ass. She pulled out and took off the condom and squized the last bit of cum in her cock on me. Without realizing it, I had already come on my stomach.
She gave me some paper towels to clean my self and she left the room. My legs were shaking. When she came back I said that I didn't think I could take anymore and she said "Damn, you made me come twice, now I can't do anything for the next 2 hours." She showed the bathroom where I could wash myself.
After that I left. Walking down the stairs from her place was an experience because my legs were still shaking, they didn't stop shaking until I was out of the city on the motorway about 15 minutes later.

Did she live up to your expectations?

She did. She was wild and clearly enjoys what she does.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Not that I know of.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

There were some things on the meny that we didn't try, but she never denied me anything.

Comment to the rating

I kind of wish I had tried with another shemale with a smaller cock before Ellen because it did hurt a little when she was fully in. But Ellen was gentle and just let her know it is your first time.

Time and place of the experience

June 30th 14:00.

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