Powerful jets of hot cum

Review by: Mr. Sweettooth
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I visited Ellen for the second time .. New apartment but same brown monster cock. My first time with Ellen had been a very exciting and overwhelming experience for me, but her contraptions size had scared me witless - so I had "just wished to suck on it" and played with her until I came .. but this time I should therefore try to sit on it, I had made up my mind! Now she is back in Denmark so it was time for another visit and to make my new fantasy come true. She opened the door with a big happy smile and wearing only black sexy underwear. We went straight to the room where it would take place and after some kissing, Ellen became more forceful and threw me on the bed and pulled my pants off. Then she licked my ass until her huge cock was rock hard and stood straight up in the air. Now I had to suck, which I did for a long time with great pleasure for both of us. Ellen kept my head firmly as she rhythmically was pounding her thick black banana deep into my throat. Ellen large dark Anakonda made me "gag" several times which I really enjoyed. At one point, she stops me abruptly, and asked if I should have her cock now - and yes - I should. After having rolled a condom on, we put ourselves on the side and I was "smeared" well before we started. Ellen was very careful with me. She whispered in my ear as she slowly pushed herself into me repeatedly. Now she rolled onto her back and I followed, so I sat astride on her with my back tto her in reverse cowgirl. I could feel how I was completely expanded every time I let myself slide down to the root.

Now I was about to explode, but Ellen said that I should not come, she would first "punishment-fuck" me in doggy style. I rolled onto all fours and Ellen straddled over me - Then she rammed her cock deep into my asshole while she simultaneously jerked me off .. It was so hot that I came in a huge orgasm - to my great pleasure just a few seconds went before Ellen also came with a few powerful jets of hot cum over my back and buttocks .. We enjoyed ourselves and talked afterwards. What can I say other than fantastic ..!

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes and even more than that

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Did not ask for extras and did not get no to anything.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


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Would give her more stars if I could.

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25th of June 2016

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