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Anastasia Fontini

I visited Anastasia last night. She looks like a 35 years old porn star with a gorgeous body, just like her pictures. She could be my dream, but her attitude is very unpleasant. She is an awesome girl with an awful appearance.

When I arrived at her place she didn’t touch me. All the other shemales I have met hugged me in arrival, mostly combined with a hot French kiss. She just opened the door, invited me inside and kept the distance. Not even a smile or some nice words. I asked her if I may kiss her. No kiss, she answered. I was just seconds from leaving the place, but she is a beautiful shemale with the most tempting body I have ever seen. So I decided to give it a chance.

I wanted her to fuck me, but I asked her to be gentle, because her dick is too thick for my ass. After paying her for half an hour, she asked me to go to bedroom and began to check her cellphone. After I took a quick shower, she lay down on the bed, almost like a robot. She had no problems to get hard. After sucking her in a while, I asked her to play with me. She laid me on my back and began to push her dick in my ass, no suck, no touch and no fingering. It hurt so much that I asked her to stop. She took a dildo and warmed my ass up in a minute or two. Then she pushed her dick inside me again and fucked me very hard. I played my cock fast to finish the pain as quickly as possible. I came after a couple of minutes, asked her to stop and leaved the place. The whole visit took about 20 minutes, the “bed adventure” 6 to 7 minutes all inclusive :-)

In all that time, she didn’t smile, kept the distance and it was much too obvious that she didn't enjoy any part of it.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Not at all.

Did you get anything not on the menu?


Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Yes, she didn't suck me and she certainly doesn't have any "Specialty in beginners class", as she writes in her profile.

Comment to the rating

I give her 2 stars, only because she is so beautiful. But I wouldn’t give any stars for having sex with her. In fact I think it would be more enjoying, if you fuck yourself with a dildo while you look at a naked picture of her :-)

Time and place of the experience

24.6.2016, Vejle

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Anastasia Fontini

Is in: Ijmuiden, Netherlands
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