Today I lost my virginity

Review by: Hulbror
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When I came into her apartment I saw a girl just as beautiful as her pics, we undressed and she quickly became hard and told me to blow her, I asked that she put on protection first and that was fine, she gave me a lot of passionate tounge kisses all the time and when she was ready after putting on a condom I started blowing her, had never touched a cock that huge, she mouth fucked me and forced my head down over her cock, but I could not handle it, nearly threw up, (Never understood how anyone can deepthroat since I can bearly handle brushing my teeth without gag effect)

On to the bed, I got up there and was on my back, Jessica put lube on the BBC and stuck it in my ass, she tried to enter me for quite a while, it was very painfull, I've had three smaller shemale cocks in me in the past, but they have mostly felt like needles and really hurtfull in a bad way, so all sessions of me beeing passive have ended in less than 3 minutes, Jessica was a lot bigger than the others, but still the pain was not as strong as the smaller ones and the best difference was that she actually wanted to fuck me, the others I've met clearly preferred beeing passive. The struggle for her to get into me continued but at some point she got in, it felt amazingly good mixed with some pain, in this moment it felt like I actually lost my virginity, I was honestly afraid her massive cock would damage my ass, but I did not care, she fucked me deep now, switching between her body up holding my legs and looking me in the eyes, bending over me and tounge kissing me, and also she grabbed my cock and jerked it, all the time while pounding me, I could not last long, while she was fucking and jerking me I could feel I was starting to come, I told her this and she said "No don't come yet". but it was too late I could not stop it at this point, so I came on my stomack, Jessica did not mind though, she kept pounding me, but after my orgasm I felt the pain more, Jessica kept telling me she wanted more and I was struggeling with myself, I really wanted her to fuck me more, but could not ignore the pain, we tried and tried and tried and put more lube, but all the time when she got balls deep I had to push her out, we changed positions now she was on the back and I crawled up on her to ride her, it turned me on a lot that she was so eager to fuck me more, I had been ok with leaving since I had my orgasm, which was long ago by now, but eighter she enjoyed it a lot, or she was all in on giving me a good time (or both), I've met many girls and a handfull of shemales, but the good thing is when you feel they actually like you, and no doubt Jessica was turned on by me.

In my mind I would just ride her and love it, but reality was me trying to ride her and it was again painfull, I could lean down to kiss her and she would all the time try to fuck me hard and deep but I could not take it, this was the craziest mix of pain and pleasure I've ever tried, I dream of the day where I can take her huge cock and just let her fuck me as much as she wants, if she was my girlfriend we would be fucking 24/7, when one was tired we would just switch, I need more from her, she did perfect and I must teach my body to enjoy her raping me without stopping her all the time!

On a side note: I can't say excatly how big her tool is, but mine is at least 18 cm and hers is both longer and thicker!

If I was really rich, I'd visit her all the time

This is my first review on this page, but my review can be trusted since I am also a user on the Danish review page, with the nick "Hulbror", when I have time I'll link to this review there.

Did she live up to your expectations?

She was so much more into me than I expected, truly amazing!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I got all that I could handle, including some extra.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

She did not deny me anything.

Comment to the rating

Jessica is amazing, nothing less. The lust she had to fuck me was priceless!

Time and place of the experience

22/6-2016 Copenhagen

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