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TS Man Rammer

I met Ms Man Rammer in Ringsend, on her recent Dublin trip. I admit to being a little apprehensive, having read some of her reviews. However, after speaking to her on the phone she put me completely at ease with the idea of a meeting. Things would progress at whatever rate I decided I was ready for.

When I arrived, the place was nice and quiet and I thought "wow!" when I saw her. It's definitely the girl in the photos and she looks fabulous in real life. She led me to the bedroom and stripped down to her bra and panties. Being a little eager, I started to strip quickly but she slowed me down - slowly removing the remainder of my clothes while kissing me tenderly, rubbing her hands over me. When she got down to my pants, she asked "May I?". I nodded eagerly as she went down on her knees and pulled down my pants slowly. Of course, I was fully excited at this point! She took my cock in her hand and looked up at me saying "This is my cock now, and I'll do what I want with it - ok?". Quite simply, I was in heaven!

She helped herself, lovingly sucking my cock before asking if I would like to see it. What a question!!!! I had released her bra, showing her superb small breasts before kneeling down myself and releasing the monster! I sucked on it eagerly and could feel it getting bigger in my mouth! I couldn't get it all in, yet still it got bigger again! wow....

She invited us to lie down on the bed. We lay together and kissed and cuddled, stroking each other gently. I really felt that we were just girlfriend/boyfriend. She started kissing down my body, and before I knew it we had moved into a 69 position. I really tried to take it all in my mouth and throat, but it is so big. I could tell she really appreciated my attempts though. I could also feel her stroking my ass. She started to move down further and started kissing and rimming my asshole. I didn't even realise this was an option, but I was too speechless by the amazing feelings to consider stopping her! She moved around and put a pillow under my back so she could do it more comfortably, which continued for an amazing while before she stopped. She started moving up my body, kissing it all the way until she was on top of me with our cocks rubbing together. She kissed me deeply before asking "Are you ready for me?".

Wow - this was it. I wasn't sure if I was, I've never had anything that size near me and I was a bit worried. She told me she'd be gentle as she put the condom on and lubed up. I had expected her to have needed to warm me up a lot more before trying to get inside me, but I trusted her. However she did it, she moved gently as she maneuvered inch after inch in slowly. Imagine my shock when she pushed all the way in, I could feel her hips against me so she was definitely all the way inside. Yet there wasn't the slightest bit of pain or discomfort the whole time. She really has some kind of magic!

She rode me gently for a while, her on top with me on my back. I played with her hair and wonderful breasts while she turned on the pleasure for both of us. She started pumping faster and despite my earlier trepedation - I found myself trying to pull her further into me. It was incredible. She told me to squeeze my buttocks together, which I did to a very audible "oooooh" from her and the kind of shudder of pleasure you just couldn't fake. She was definitely enjoying this as much as I was. Every now and again I'd pull her closer in, so we could french kiss. At that time, she'd still make little gyrating moves which made the whole feeling even more wonderful.

After a while of this, she asked me to move with her. She started moving back, and me moving forward. It was a little awkward, but before I knew it - I was sitting on top of her riding her. All without her removing her cock from me for a second! I've never had this position before, but I went with it. And it was sensational! I came for the "porn dream" and I was definitely living it! I was in control of the movements, and also kept one hand free for stroking her all over and playing with her breasts again (can you tell I loved them!).

After a while of this, she started guiding me again. Back onto my back, then legs were moving until we were in a spooning position. Me lying on my side, with her cuddled right up behind me. Do I need to mention that her cock never left me again?!?! :) This felt so amazing and sensual. A little while of this and she moved again, keeping me in the same position. She turned around so she was on her knees with me lying on my side. She moved her left leg across mind and lifted my right leg in the air so she had full access to push in deep - and she certainly took advantage of that position. Her cock hitting positions inside of me and giving pleasure I never thought possible.

Time for the final twist, and this was a fairly easy movement into a doggie position. Of course, her magnificent cock (which was still hard as a rock) was kept inside me. She got into position and started riding me, declaring this to be her favorite position. After a little while of this, I mentioned that I understood why she was called the Rammer. Now her reply knocked me for 6. She said that she was holding back and hadn't rammed me yet. Errr, what?!?! She'd been pounding my ass for an eternity and that wasn't the ramming? Anyone who's been with her is probably nodding, knowing what I didn't at that point. She asked if I'd like a proper ramming. I'll admit I was nervous. But she had been so considerate the entire time, that I knew I could trust her.

I said I'd like to try it. She kissed my back and repositioned herself and then - she RAMMED me. OMG - she was thrusting so hard and so fast into me, I couldn't believe it. I thought I was going to cum, I don't know how she was able to hold it. After a while, I had to ask her to slow it down and give me a break - I was out of breath! She gave me a little breather before I could feel the pace start to pickup again and we were right back into it - me getting the ramming of a lifetime. Another while of this and I thought I wasn't going to be able to take it anymore, when she slowed down. I was literally quivering when she asked me not to move, she was nearly ready to cum. I froze, just feeling that rock hard cock inside me while she stroked over my back and sides. After a little break (which I needed just as much), she started going again - slower but still great. She asked me where I'd like her to cum. I was totally horny at this point and said I wanted her to cum in my mouth. This wasn't part of my initial plan, but it just felt right. She rode me a while longer before telling me to turn around. I flipped over and lay on my back with the pillows under my head. She brought her cock up and pulled the condom off. I started sucking, which she was really into before she grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. I started struggling a bit as she pushed in so deeply, but it was like she knew exactly how far she could push without hurting me. It came time and she pulled out a bit, the first spurt went half into my mouth and half over my cheek. I was so horny, I didn't want to waste any of it so I grabber her by the ass and pulled her cock into my mouth again. She just kept cumming and I was struggling to swallow it all as it was coming out. Eventually it slowed down and I was able to let her cock out, as I licked and sucked it clean again.

With a huge smile on her face, she lay down beside me. She cuddled up and we started kissing deeply. She started caressing my cock and asked, with a smile, was it my turn yet? She moved down and sucked my cock hard again with an amazingly sensual BJ, before asking how I'd like her. I said I'd like her missionary, with her on her back. She put a condom on me and we got into position. It felt so amazing sliding into her, just being so connected. She wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me in as we kissed tenderly. I had to keep stopping my movements as I struggled to stop myself cumming. But eventually, I figured the time and feeling were right. As I was about to cum, Ms Rammer could feel it. She squeezed her ass, clutching my cock tightly and pulled me close and deep into her. It was an incredible way to cum, and one I don't think I'll ever forget! It seemed to go on forever and she let me enjoy the moment for as long as I needed, she didn't break the caress until I was ready.

Afterward, she cleaned us both up and got back into the bed and cuddled beside and on top of me. Normally at this time, i'd expect to be shown the door no matter how long was left of the appointment - but no such rush her. In fact, when it came time for me to say I might leave - she wrapped herself over me and said it was up to her when I go and she wasn't letting me go yet! So we stayed in that intimate embrace, just chatting and stroking each other for a long while after. When I did insist I had to go, she relented and allowed me out of her embrace playfully. A final kiss as we parted ways and I realised I had went well over time, definitely not a clockwatcher.

To summarise my visit, she was beyond incredible. I would marry this lady in a second, if I could. She's a unique blend of dominance and niceness and really enjoys what she does. If she is in town, there is no way I would ever see anyone else instead of her. While I may never achieve the dream, that was our first experience together - it's always possible that the next time will be even better.....

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes - and then some!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes, my review should give an idea of what.....

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

nope, I had everything I could imagine - and then some!

Time and place of the experience

Ringsend, Dublin, May 2016

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