Impossible to forget

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I visited her today and she has the most amazing body I have ever seen, love her six pack and her legs are so toned, she has an unbelievable bubble butt, she claims to be fit and it's totally true. I wish I could fuck with her every day. She has a fluent english, so, was pretty easy to make an appointment with her, when she opened the door Icouldn't stop watching her beautiful eyes.. her voice its so sexy and the way she walks make me hard in seconds those hips and that round Latin ass moving from left to the right... wow.. wow.. wow..
I was thinking to stay 30 min because all about her was like too good to be true, but after seeing her in front of me I couldn't resist and I decided to stay one hour and that was a great decision. I discuss with her what I wanted to try she fucks me and then I fuck her and this was not a problem for her.

She push me to the door and start to kiss me so deep and with lust.. Im still feeling her tongue, what a great kisser, I had to stop her like 2 times to take a breath. She take one of my hands put it on her cock and I can only say: She is big! she forces me to deep throat but I couldn't, so I had to stop her. She fucks me in missionary, doggy, side way and after a few minutes I was relaxed. She was so fast like a machine , totally insane and I have to stop her again, she definitely enjoys what she does, she spit in my hole, slap me, told me shut up bitch, This was the moment when I realize I was the slave and she blew my mind. I decided to change because in that moment I was about to cum and if i did I would not forgive myself if I don't fuck that amazing ass.. Then she starts to suck me slowly looking at me all the time.. going deep,so deep.. licked my balls and then sucked my cock again but fast and doing circles with her lips and tongue: that makes me crazy .. she never stop eye contact.. I was about to cum again and then I didn't wait anymore and finally fucked her: She is tight, she told me 90% of the guys are only passive with her , so that's the reason she was so tight..mmm I fucked her in missionary because i wanted to see her.. the way she looked its hard to describe but I just wanted to see her all the time, she take it all the way in but it took some minutes because i'm big , she puts her hands in my face while I was fucking her and start to kiss me so passionate and after thatI came. She told me keep moving .. keep moving and then she cums and it was a good load from both of us.. at the end we speak a bit about some stuff and she is a happy person.. even after we finished she was smiling making jokes.. she is a girl that is impossible to forget. Thank you very much bella.

Did she live up to your expectations?

I have visited some trannies before and they looked sad, or without paying attention, Bella was happy and in a way I felt she likes me, or she enjoyed her job a lot at least.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Deep French Kissing that I will never forget.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


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She is worth 5 stars.

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Copenhagen City Center June 17th 2016 around 10am

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