Probably the best looking ts escort ive met

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Victoria Keller

pictures looked amazing. asked on the phone about owo both ways & was told yes. £150 for one hour no extras.
Victoria Keller is stunning. probably the best looking ts escort ive met in the flesh !

Well it was all downhill from here. paid the 150 and her attitude changed. as always I'm fresh & showered before visiting an escort. Victoria made a half hearted effort to wank me . she made no effort at all. she was unwilling to perform owo. I then said you said you would? she started shouting & steaming! whilst putting my clothes back on she wanted me out her appartment half naked. then stood next to me not allowing me space to get my clothes on. worst experience of 25 years of going to escorts. she worked herself into a panic after giving me my money back & phoned the police. she's nuts

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stunning looks & horrible attitude. will say yes to get you to visit her. take your money for no service

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Glasgow city centre appartment. 16th June 2016. 1830pm

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Victoria Keller*)

Is in: London, United Kingdom
Latest of 2 reviews: Amazing, the best looking TS with a gorgeous big cock

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*) Victoria Keller is also known as: Adriana

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