Probabaly the best shemale experience out there right now

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just met her today and what an experience. She open the doors and she is as beautiful as in the pics, very feminin and has a soft voice. I undressed and waited on her bed and then she arrived in sexy underwear. She told me to lay down and relax and she started to softly kiss and lick my whole body for 10 minutes, including rimming. She loved deep tongue kisses during the whole act. She then ordered me to sit on her face so she could do some good rimming wile I was sucking her dick. Her dick is pretty big and hard all the time.

After 15 minutes of foreplay she then ask to fuck me and she did that in a perfect soft way and was talking dirty at the same time. After that I fucked her and she was kissing a lot and talking dirty during the whole time. At the end she asked me to come in her face and I pulled out and started to fuck her face and she was working hard to get my cum. When I did cum she open her mouth and took it all..

We then spent 5 minutes relaxing and talking about her and her life.

I been with probabaly 50 shemales during the years and this is probable the best experience so far. Idesh is something you should not miss out on.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Probabaly the best shemale experience out there right now

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Everything; deep tongue kisses, rimming, cum in mouth

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I would give her 6 stars if possible. I girl you could get married to.

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Stockholm June 2016

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Is in: Tokyo (東京), Japan
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*) Idesh is also known as: Dinara Sultan

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