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Miss Tina

Here is my experience of Miss Tina from last fall (yes, better late than never). I met Tina at a massage parlor in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen (she is in Jutland at the moment). I ordered half an hour of massage and agreed that "we will see what happens." The massage was definitely nothing worth mentioning, but it was not so much for that I was there. But we got a long, nice chat along the way that gave me the impression of Tina as a really sweet, affectionate, intelligent and sensible ladyboy. And she is, as anyone can see in the pictures, very beautiful and feminine. She seemed in general to be a little amateurish, but in a good way. Eg. she said that the massage cost 300 kr., but additional services she did not know what that would cost. That I had to decide (she was perhaps not used to working in an actual massage parlor at the time?). I then asked for sex, but she replied that penetration she could not do because she was not prepared for it. Others usually have no problems with that, but it may well be she had her "cases". But mutual French was ok she said, so we agreed on that. We had a long, hot mutual super French session, and after she was warmed up a bit French kissing was definitely on the table. I ended up coming on her stomach. She had an erection at the beginning and seemed very turned on, but the erection faded a little along the way. Afterwards she told me that she is taking HRT (she has actually small budding breasts), so she has a hard time keeping her erection. I ended up dropping 800 kr. For the session, which lasted over an hour. It is hard to complain about that. The four stars had been five if I had been allowed to fuck her, but it must wait until she comes back to the capital. She is at least clearly worth a return visit!

Did she live up to your expectations?


Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes massage

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Yes anal apparently that was not on the day I was there.

Comment to the rating

Had she been up for anal that day, she would have gotten 5 stars

Time and place of the experience

September 2015

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Miss Tina*)

Is in: Rødovre, Denmark
Latest of 10 reviews: Really beautiful and a woman with great empathy.

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*) Miss Tina is also known as: Anni Wallén, Anucha Wannachat, Ladyboy Tina, Maria and Nuchi

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