Porn mirror in the celing where I could see everything

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I agreed with Andrea on ​​SMS to be with her for half an hour, and a few hours later, I stood in front of her apartment. She made me wait outside for the first 10 minutes, which made me a little unsure if she had someone else in there. Fortunately, it turned out that she just had to spend a little more time to get ready. And wow, she looks much better in reality than in the pictures, which otherwise was good too. Her English was a bit sparse so we switched to German, which went well. We started out with a kiss, and then she sucked me well and thoroughly. Then it was my turn and shit it grew in my mouth. Her cock was big and hard to gag, but we got it done despite a few tears. Her big cock got me to fear for my ass, but she slipped quite quietly into it without pain or injuries. Then it went away with at least 10 minutes alternately soft and hard fucking. She had a huge mirror where I could see it all - pure porn mirror. It just made it all so much more sexy. The end had been perfect if it was not because she could not hold the erection up. She apologized that she was on hormones and made amends by first offering dildo and then sucking me to a considerable explosion.

Did she live up to your expectations?

yes definitely she was good in bed and nice to talk to afterwards

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Stayed longer than I had paid for

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Black kisses

Comment to the rating

Would like to give her five stars because she fucks really good, but because she was not quite hard at the end of intercourse, she gets only 4 this time. Would like to see her again.

Time and place of the experience

24 maj 2016 Copenhagen, sydhavnen

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