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Had tried 5 other shemales earlier which was good. Now the urge came back to me again and I found Desiree on Shemalewiki. From her pictures she looked incredibly hot with a nice figure and a proper dick. I thought that I just had to try her. I drove there and rang the door at 10am. The door opened and there stood the most breathtakingly beautiful Shemale that I have ever seen. She had long legs and nice hair and just looked so damm good. We got in, and I could see that I probably had taken her by surprise since she looked a little sleepy. We agreed 1500 for cocktail for half an hour, which was the time that I calculated that it would take before I came. She went into the bathroom and freschened up, and then she came back stark naked, and with the finest body I had seen, slender long legs and lovely big tits and a nice long cock dangling between her beautiful legs. We kissed and hugged, and then she gave me the coolest blowjob I had gotten in a long time. Afterwards I gave her deepthrog blovjob until I could feel she was close to cumming, she asked me to stop when she was close. Yummy Yummy on with the rubber, and then she quietly pushed her giant cock into my asshole aswhen I thought it was completely inside, she turned me sideways, and then she really came all the way in Christ that was wonderfull she fucked me hard until I saw the sun, moon and stars. Afterwards it was my turn to fuck her, I promise you that she moaned and groaned for each thrust, I sent into her tight star. When I had fucked her for about 10 minutes, I jumped off and started giving her blowjob before long she came in my mouth with the biggest load I had ever tried to get. It tasted like exotic chocolates, she moaned and twisted her body while she came. Afterwards she sucked me the best she had learned and then I came in a big splash all over her breasts. When we were finished we lay for almost an hour and talked about everything possible under the sun. She said she would soon come to Aalborg, so guys in Aalborg look forward to this. She is a hot and really dedicated girl.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes she was better than expected

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I got what I wanted and more.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No she was everything I had hoped.

Comment to the rating

I have tried a few now. You quickly feel if it is something they just want to get over and done with. Desiree was very dedicated and accomodating with a huge sex drive.

Time and place of the experience

May 25th 10 o clock sharp.

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