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Brittany Miller

Well, I called her 2 days ago around 8pm. We agree on 150 Euro for 30 min and for her to cum on my face.
Called her 5 min before as she had asked me to do. I got in front of her building ( very discret and easy parking ); and I didn't have to wait more than 1 min for her to open the door for me.
She opens the door and lets me in. When she closes the door, she shows me her amazing ass in a black lingerie with stockings. and that big blond hair... Then..... she turn around and I got impressed. it Is really the girl on the photos. A bit taller than I expected but with a very sexy, young, beautiful face. She gives me a sweet kiss on my lips and tell me to go inside her bedroom. Big, and clean apartment. She has a very big bedroom and the bed was very confortable. She offers me something to drink, bring me a clean towel so I could take a shower before we started. Well, let's get straight to the most important. She has a very nice dick. Not 21cm as she said but I could say it was almost 20. But REALLY , VERY THICK. more than it looked in the pictures. She start by sucking me than we change for a 69, after some minutes I was rimming her and her cock was very hard. She asks me if she can fuck me. Quickly I spread my legs and she fucks me in missionary for like 5, 10 min, we changed the position to doggy position. This one is my favorite and I couldnt resist. I instantly came. Fucks. shes so hot but I wasn't horny anymore. She even asks me ifIi was ready for a second round. But no... I wasnt in the mood anymore. Just took another shower and left for home. Just saw her new pics.... I'm from the Netherlands but i'll pass by to see her again+. definitely

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes absolutely

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes :)

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


Comment to the rating

I know it was my falt, but it was too quick :/

Time and place of the experience

Brussels, 20/05/16

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