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Sharon Stiller

I met Sharon in Tallinn Estonia, where she was visiting for a short week on her Baltic Tour.

I had for a long time seen reviews of her from Copenhagen, and so when it suddenly was possible to meet her, I had no hesitations.

at the same time I did see that another "unknown" latina TS was advertising in Tallinn at the same time, so I kind of hoped that they where sharing an apartment....and I brought a bit extra cash, just in case an offer of a threesome would come up.... we will return to this subject later...

Finding Sharons apartment was easy, just 5 minutes walk from my hotel. and when I entered I saw this jawdropping beauty, with her gigantic breast, her big lips and sexy hips. We fastly took care of the financial situation. 250€ for an hour with all the services. There is no TS competition in Tallinn, so this is rather expensive compared to Copenhagen.

Off with the clothing's, and Sharon started kissing me hungrily, she gently pushed me over on the bed and stuck her big cock into my mouth, demanding me to suck her. She held my head and once in a while made me gag a bit on it. just enough for my eyes to water and for me to choke a bit. just showing me who is the boss in this bed!!

While my mouth & throat was completely filled with her big cock, she asked whether I wanted to try having a threesome with her friend as well..... :-) ohh you have a friend her? wow that is interesting. But I only have another 50 € on me (which was true - and intended) Sharon shortly excused herself (and I caught my breath again) and she came back and said -" no problem, she will come a bit later!"

She then lifted up my legs to rest on her shoulders, lubed me a bit and showed her big cock up my ass. she did miracles making sure not to hurt me, and when I was wide enough she rode me hard. She had to silence me, as I guess I was making to much noise when she was riding my ass. I lost sense of time, as she fucked me in different positions, and suddenly in came the other "girl" and she had an even bigger cock than Sharon, which says a lot.

She sad on my face making me shift between sucking her cock and licking her ass. Sharon started sucking my cock, and the two girls took turns sucking it while I was occupied in the 69 with the new girls cock and ass.

Suddenly the new girl (who´s profile I cannot find here in Shemalewiki) put on a rubber and she and Sharon shifted position. She lifted my legs up on her shoulder and started penetrating my ass, while Sharon sat on my chest and facefucked my mouth. I was in heaven and completely defenseless while being fucked in my 2 holes at the same time, with full force.

I don't know how much time passed, probably not much, but I felt so great and I came in the biggest orgasm in a long time. I was completely unable to move, and Sharon just lay herself down with me, and kissed me in true girlfriend stile, while I was recovering. There was still 20 minutes left she said, "would you like anything else....?"

I simply laughed and said, "my dear, I cant handle anything else" my mind is completely blown after this, I just need to rest!"
so when I could - I stood up, go dressed and kissed the lovely girl goodbye - and went out into the Estonian night to remind my self of this wild experience.

Did she live up to your expectations?


Did you get anything not on the menu?

I rimmed her ass and I got slammed in a lovely TS threesome

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Not at all

Comment to the rating

The wildness of the threesome made it 5 starts

Time and place of the experience

Tallinn April 2016

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Sharon Stiller

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