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I had looked at Whitney for quite some time, you know sort of building up the need for an overexciting experience to come.. My agenda had to fit, but then I finally got the chance to phone her. Her english was good and we made the necessaary arrangements..

I wrote about Helena the other day, because I visited her first. But what I really should have done, was to follow my first impression, and have gone straight to Whitney.

Whitney was a bit hard to find in Gentofte, but the room was very private and very discrete. I soon forgot all about the room, because Whitney was super sexy, and very sweet. She look stunning IRL and her tiny little bum is round and tight, pricisely as I love it as it was moving right in front of me.

She was very friendly, we had good chemistry, and began to kiss right away. She was dressed in sexy black lingerie, with nylon stay-ups and high heels. We made out, and then her phone rang.. She was on her knees at the bed, and I was undressing. While she was talking on the phone (with a potentiel client) she pulled out her extremely beautiful brown cock. Her cock was half hard, and I couldnt hold myself back.. I went on my knees on the floor and began to suck it. She got hard, and she got off the phone..

I got out of my clothes, and lay on my back on her bed. She went down on my like a GF, she really enjoyed sucking my cock and licking my balls. She spread and lifted my left legs.. and went rigt for my shaved (and super clean) ass hole with her long pink and wet tongue. I got so excited and rock hard!

She said she wanted to ride my cock, and then she lowered her sexy tight ass and supermodel body onto my cock.
It was unbelievebly she rode me like at pro, and I love it. She played with her hard cock at the same time, and looked into my eyes - and I felt in love :-)

After a while she got off, and got out of bed.. just to go to place herself on all fours on the daybed, she turned her head towards me, and asked me to fuck her hard from behind.

I finished cumimg all over her sexy cock..!

We kissed a lot, she did not cum.. she had to save it.. (I understand) she promised she would cum
next time.. And yes, there will be a next time with beautiful and sweet Whitney.

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She get 5 stars, only because she promised me, that she will give me her cum next time.. ;-)

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Gentofte, Copenhagen, DK 10.may 2016

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Is in: Gentofte, Denmark
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