Her cock is like a shiny, slippery, delicious lollipop

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Here is my review of an experience with Bianca Gold: I saw her this morning...
I wanted to be her first of the day & was rewarded for my troubles - she'd had a wild night & was very accommodating when I arrived... dressed in sexy stockings & panties, her dark skin & beautiful eyes drew me in to a room shaded with drawn curtains & we kissed. I was pretty nervous, having read all kinds of reviews & was hoping that I would experience just even a little of what i had read, and it's pretty much a first time for me...

The phone rang & she had me undress while she spoke to some guy on the phone, telling him "theres is a guy here who's about to suck my cock" & we kissed so he could hear...it was a turn on to have her look into my eyes as she spoke so directly to someone else about what we were about to do, & then do as she said, before we'd even properly spoken to each other. she even put me on, so I could tell this dude what she looked like. I told him simply "hot" & I meant it!

Then I had her all to myself. her body is beautiful, lovely firm breasts, lips made for kissing, & the monster cock i'd read so much about. my hands were everywhere on her, & I told her she was to be my first...but then she pushed my head downwards. She told me I had to make her hard so she could give me what i'd been dreaming about, I went down on my knees to get started, when she drew me onto the bed & we went 69. she grew & grew in my mouth, the head of her cock is like a shiny, slippery, delicious lollipop that she let me play with as long as I wanted to. she's uncut & I loved the feeling of getting used to holding & touching it, feeling it in my mouth, playing with it, pinching the end of her through her foreskin...til she told me she wanted to be inside me. On my side, on all fours, then on my back as she held me down & filled me completely. I didnt know if I could take it, but I couldnt bear to ask her to stop, anyway she was taking it gentle at first, but she had so much energy, I just didnt know what to do with myself, it was all i could do to moan out load & pull her deeper into me.

Fuck she made me horny, she is everything I hoped she'd be. She increased her momentum holding my ankles at her shoulders & looking into my eyes, forcing her tongue into my mouth with her strong kisses, her ball sack slapping against me, talking filthy to me & looking into my eyes all the while I loved the way she spoke to me, giving me directions, talking dirty, in a way i'd only fantasised about before when I thought I couldn't take any more, I exploded all over her belly & mine.

She eased up, pulled out & we started chatting, until I told her i'd always dreamed of her cumming in my mouth...
smiling, she moved over me & told me to suck her, using just my lips. she was just so big I found myself gagging, while my ass still felt the stretch of having her pounding me so strongly. then she wanked over my mouth, shooting an amazing feeling jet after jet spraying over my face & neck & chin, her body shaking in spasms which were incredible to behold - I only wish i'd had the nerve to swallow the load & let it fill my mouth...definitely something to do next time.

We chatted for ages afterwards, she's easy going & direct, talks easily about her life, her likes & dislikes, her time in London & her travels. all this while we lay on her bed & I toyed with my new found hobby, her cock, which was limp for a while, but suddenly grew again for me &, well, it was all I could do, I went down for more at her invitation, while teasing me about how much I seemed to like it. writing this now, i'm filled with the desire to do it all again...though even now I still feel pleasantly sore from having her cock so deep inside me.

How i'd love to wake up next to her & start the day like this beneath the sheets...
the sex was fantastic, she has broken the inhibitions I felt going in & left me hungry for more, but she's lovely too, not just gorgeous to look at but charming to talk to & be with. she made me feel good just being in her company. I had been worried the experience would be an impersonal fuck & then fuck off kind of experience, but that was not the case.

She told me so many guys just come for her cock, never even looking her in the eyes, which seems a great shame, since theyre missing, in my opinion, half the fantasy. what can I say, I like her a lot, & i'll be seeing her again when I can.

Bianca, thank you x

Did she live up to your expectations?

In every way.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

More of her time than I bargained for, which we spent chatting & with me fondling her.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Nothing, everything she could do to make my experience unforgettable, she did willingly.

Comment to the rating

We were together only a few short hours ago, but already I want you again Bianca the nerves are gone & I have a feeling next time will be even better.

Time and place of the experience

London, May 2016.

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