She fucked me excellently

Review by: Kalle
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I texted Isabela in the morning to schedule an appointment for the night. Everything was handeled with profession on her part. As the evening came it was possible to move the appointment forward one hour as I had more free time than anticipated. She met me in a comfortable appartment in central Helsinki.

After the money changing hands I took a quick wash and came back to the living room with a towel on. Atmosphere was relaxed even though I was a little excited as she was so beautiful. We started tongue kissing immediately and soon I was on my knees and she whipped out her cock. Which is I must say, is the biggest cock I have ever seen live. The photographs are not altered in any way. I had a hard time gagging her cock for some minutes. We moved to the bedroom where she began to penetrate me first slowly and after some time it got more rough I came after some time in bucket loads and we chatted for a bit afterwards. I must say that when she was fully inside me it was a painful but she did handle me with care.

The only negative part of our encounter was that I had to be really quiet during the whole meeting. Maybe the neighbours had complained or something. That was a bit of a turn off and it was really hard to stay quiet when she fucked my with her great dick.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes fully

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Tongue kisses

Did she deny you anything on her menu?


Comment to the rating

I would have given five stars but I have to deduct one point because we had to be so quiet

Time and place of the experience

Helsinki may 2016

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