Average with potential for better

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Jasmyne Gold

Met her during her 1st visit to Singapore. She stayed in a nice, well-known hotel for escorts.

Some great plus points and some real minus points. Overall I rate her average (3 stars) but she has potential for a higher score.

Plus points:
- quite pretty face. Lingerie and hair/wig add to feminine appearance
- magnificent cock. Big but not huge, ~7 inches. Perfectly shaped and rock hard
- friendly (but only so-so service (details below)

- very manly body: No boobs at all and broad shoulders
- below average hygiene: quite hairy body and legs. Did not clean herself before the session: when changing positions there was some sh*t stuck on my condom and she just carried on without cleaning up

Details of encounter:
Visited her for an afternoon session. Entered her hotel room and she greeted me in white lingerie that highlights here dark skin nicely.
Some hugging and fondling but no kissing (no kissing at all during the session). Then led me to her bed upstairs.

She took off her panties while I undressed (would have prefer to remove them myself). Played with herself and started to get hard which was a nice turn on.
I went down on her and sucked her (with condom but she would have gone without) till she was fully hard. During that she was lying back and moaning like she really enjoyed it.

When blowing me she first put on a condom (no OWO available) the wrong way and then just flipped over instead of getting a new one. Ok BJ but nothing special.
I asked her to facefuck me. Her cock is awesome (nice 7", perfect shape and super hard) but she's not naturally aggressive so we switch to 69.

Next she enters me when I'm on my back. Quite gentle fucking but she cums quick (no jizz in condom but her expression looks real.
Then she mounts my cock and rides me till I cum.

She has another customer so I can only get a quick shower before I leave.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Not fully. Some great tools but service was too mixed

Did you get anything not on the menu?

No but didn't ask

Comment to the rating

Has room for improvement

Time and place of the experience

Singapore 04/16

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Jasmyne Gold*)

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