Fuck me quietly, again with full eye contact

Review by: Jack
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I wrote with Malii via Text, and got a deal. The place is fairly discrete, and the door will be opened quickly. You enter directly into the living room, where 3 girls are sitting. Malii steps forward and introduces herself. She is smiling. Pictures of her are 100% genuine. VERY nice girl.

She shows me into a room and drops the dress right away. Nice tits. Lovely dick around 17 cm in a rigid state. She lies down on the bed posing for me. Beautiful sight. I kiss and lick her naughty little nipples while I was playing with her cock. We quickly end up in a half lying 69 and sucking each other. She was at NO time busy, just to get me to cum. She sucks lick and gently caress my dick. I lean back in bed and enjoy it. She smiles and keeps eye contact while she sucks on my cock. Naughty. She sits down between my legs. Lubricates my ass with lube. Puts a condom on and penetrates into me. She fucks me quietly, again with full eye contact. I pull her towards me and she now fucks a little harder. She has never got hold of my cock while she fucks me, but she mastered what she's doing and she fucks me to release. Then she takes hold and fucks me hard until she cums into me (the condom).

I will definitely come back again. It was with a constant smile and eye contact.

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All except tongue kiss.

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You experience that many only focus on getting the man to come so they can get him out the door again. It does not happen with Malii.

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28 Nov. 2015 Denmark

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