Her ass is really tight

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Daira Lojan

Visited this beautiful model on a Sunday in early November. She lives in a discreet address in Gentofte - has her own little apartment which is cozy and clean. It is her in the photos - she is super sweet. Opened the door wearing raunchy underwear that barely cover her great accessories. Offered me a drink before we started. She has a super hot body and the most amazing Caribbean butt - It sits perfectly. She started to lie on her back so I really could take it in my mouth - and I promise you that soon something happened - she grew and is really big. She was quite hard - no flexible and flaccid cock here. We tongue kissed and I also grew - was clearly excited. She asked if she should fuck me and yes, there was nothing I would rather have her do. She prepared me with her fingers and lots of lube, so she effortlessly was able to slide all the way in - and yes she is big. She fucked in various positions, finishing off with doggy where she came inside me with small contented whimpering sounds. After she had recovered it was my turn. I took her in doggy - her ass is really tight - wonderful feeling that led to that I also came after a few minutes. There was no stress - we talked a little together when we had got dressed again. I kissed her goodbye and promised to stop by again - and I will do that this week; o)

Did she live up to your expectations?

Completely satisfied and the pictures do not lie

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I got everything I wanted

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

She was sweet and welcoming and nothing was denied

Comment to the rating

Should perhaps have had 5

Time and place of the experience

Copenhagen / Gentofte November 2015

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Daira Lojan*)

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*) Daira Lojan is also known as: Kim

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