After five minutes I could not hold back anymore

Review by: Aalborgboy
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I have chosen to give Carolina 1 star because I unfortunately have to say that it was a very bad experience. I call the place and you're not even going to talk to Carolina that is just an answering machine which tell you about the place and a little about her... already here I should perhaps had said to myself that I probably should not go there. But I gave it a try. came and rang the bell, she came out looked very beautiful and we agreed on an hour and I could cum as many times as I wanted. But maybe she does not speak so good English I should just have left then and there. They obviously only had one room so had to wait a bit until someone else had finished !!? So many things pointed to that I ought to leave. When they were finished, nothing was done to keep it discrete so that I or the person who's in they should not see each other. They went out and we went in not subtle at all. paid 2000kr and then we just went to a quick start. After five minutes I could not hold back anymore because she just went hard to work on the sucking, so I came. Then she said that it was finished. Hmm, I thought we talked about an hour together? Here she plays dumb and pretended she could not understand what I said !!! This is really bad. After talking with her she said okay "you want me" and smiled. all right 30 minutes more she said. I said that's okay! I had lost all desire for more with her when this is how she treats her customers. so I just left. The worst experience ever.

Did she live up to your expectations?

no not at all. 1 hour come all you want, is just something she says until she received the money.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

yes the bad service and the place was really not good.

Comment to the rating

The one star is because it's her in the photos.

Time and place of the experience

October 2015.

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*) Carolina är också känd som: Francesca

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