I started feeling and tasting her piss fill the back of my throat

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Loira Platinum

I'd hoped to have Loira visit me for a few hours because I had a lovely suite at a five-star hotel but she explained that she was only interested if I came to her place, so off I went. When she opened the door I found myself before a gorgeous woman, every bit as beautiful as her photos. She was fun, spoke superb English, and we quickly felt quite comfortable with each other. After a very short conversation I found myself in a hot DFK with her and was then invited to follow her sweet ass up the stairs to her loft bedroom... Her slender body was soon revealed and within seconds she had her cock comfortably lodged in my throat. It is debatable whether she preferred having her cock in my throat, her asshole rimmed, or her balls delicately suckled. She provided me with a nice mouthful of delicious cream that I savored before swallowing. What is not debatable is the look of unbridled joy on her face when she told me she was dominant and I responded that I enjoyed submitting to a dominant. Within seconds she was pulling, squeezing, and torturing my balls while looking deeply into my eyes, seemingly feeding off my agony. The more I agonized the hornier she got. After I popped a good load all over her cock we began chatting again. She's extremely smart, really fun, and loves to laugh so we enjoyed ourselves. During the conversation we also spoke about sex and our fetishes... A few minutes later she got up out of bed, looked at me, and asked me to come to her, kneel before her, and take her cock in my mouth. I did so, delicately suckling her cock while looking up at her slender body, beautiful tits with erect nipples, and gorgeous face. She looked down at me dreamily, with a wicked smile. Soon thereafter I started feeling and tasting her piss fill the back of my throat. Though her bladder had been quite full, not a drop ever escaped.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, most certainly. My expectations when visiting an escort who doesn't have reviews from people I can trust are not very high. Her intelligence, sense of humor, sexuality, and kinky nature more than met all my expectations.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes: Tongue kisses (before I drank her NaturSekt, not after), OWO (passive), CIM (passive), Black kisses (passive), and obviously Golden Shower (active).

Comment to the rating

Loira was exceptionally close to a 5-star rating but the fact that she wouldn't give me OWO prevents me from giving a perfect score.

Time and place of the experience

Frankfurt, 2015.

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