That feeling was of both naughty pain and pleasure

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Dea Bruna

Bruna is very easy to contact and she speaks good english. She is a very nice person, if you are a beggineer, I say you must go to visit with Bruna! I meet her in Finland. Sexy black eyed tattooed brazilian shemale. She was very kind and understanding for me, who was curious of how to be with a shemale like bruna. It was my first time with a shemale ever. After a shower, she was waiting for me on the bed. Sexy wearing stockings and looking stunning. I suck her rockhard, she has a big brazilian cock. Then she ask, if I am ready to loose my ass-virginity, I told her yes. So, I go to doggystyle position, and I was a little bit nervous but she ask me to calm down, relax my muscles and close your eyes. I do that for sure, and then I suddenly feel it going inside! That feeling was of both naughty pain and pleasure at the same time, I try keeping my focus on muscle relaxation (that was really diffigul, when you have 18cm fat brazil cock in your ass for the first time) After a few minutes, the pain was gone and Bruna was going deeper and deeper in my ass and getting more tempo, spanking my ass and sayng "you like that?" After doggy we tried some positions: cowgirl, and grande finale: missionary where she cum in my mouth.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes fully, we chat days before meeting, so she know to save her cum for me.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

She Cum in my mouth and face with a big load

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

As for above

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Perfect shemalelover first-time exprerience.

Time and place of the experience

22.11.2015 Rovaniemi Finland

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