She smashed my ass with that thick tool of hers

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Eléna Sunrise

Met with Elena in the nice apartment in downtown Belgrade. She is not 100% the same as the pictures, but she is pretty fine. We talked a bit, then I took a shower, and we got into action.

Laid on the bed, sucked her tits a bit (not too big, but ok regular tits), then she pulled out her cock and I started sucking on that tool. At first glance it seemed thick, but once it started to grow, you realize she has an extremely FAT cock, I enjoyed sucking her fat dick until it grew so fat I couldn't put it in my mouth anymore.

Now it was time for me getting pounded, surprisingly her cock went in pretty easy considering the thickness. She first fucked me in missionary, oh, what a pounding. Then we went to doggy, oh my god, one of the longest and best doggystyle fuckings I have ever received. She smashed my ass with that thick tool of hers, and it was so thick, but no pain what so ever, so amazing.

I was so fucking horny from her pounding me from behind that my cock got so hard and I nearly came without touching myself. Soon, she started fucking me harder and spanking my ass, I couldn't hold it anymore so I exploded all over while she was thrusting that fat cock from behind.

We had a pleasant short talk and shower afterwards. The price was 80 EURO for half an hour.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Visually she was ok, but the cock was more then I expected, and the fucking was beyond expectations, I have never been fucked so hard so nice for so long. :) Complete 30 minutes of being thrusted, mmmm.

Did you get anything not on the menu?


Did she deny you anything on her menu?

All good, she offered everything on the menu.

Comment to the rating

5 stars for that thick hard cock that goes in so nicely!

Time and place of the experience

Belgrade, Serbia 2016.

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Eléna Sunrise

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