We mixed her hot cum in our mouths and swallow

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Aline Granados

I met Aline Granados - or Samanta, as she calls herself the time - in Thorning in Jutland a hot afternoon in August, and it was long ago, I had visited a transformation. I am always a little doubtful about shemales without reviews on shemalewiki, but I took the chance with Samanta and I did not come to regret - what a treat! Samanta are extraordinarily good, has a great cheeky smile, a wonderful twinkle in his eye and a great, great body. The pictures do not lie. They are 100% authentic and her cock is almost bigger in reality than in the pictures. Lovely hard and syringe happy. I have never met a transformation that can kiss as Samanta. She is not just good at it - she loves it. After a lot of wet kisses I got her hot cock in the mouth, and it tasted heavenly. We moved into a 69'er, and she munched away at my stiff limb. Her cock was a bit steep for my tight ass, but she took it easy and kissed me, and suddenly the inside. I got dick in a manner never before, and as she hammered it through with me on the back, in doggy style and with me sitting on top, we switched roles. While I fucked Samanta, she played her cock and signaled before she came. I pulled out of her hole, and yawned over her cock, which sent a great load off into my mouth. I gave her a deep kiss and we mixed her hot cum in our mouths and swallow. Then it was my turn ... Samanta wanked my cock for a short time, I came in a huge orgasm with my dick in her mouth. She could not have all my cum in the mouth, so the juices ran down her neck - a lovely sight.

Did she live up to your expectations?

To the highest degree. For well over 45 minutes (I only paid for 30 mins.) I got lots of wet, naughty tongue kisses, mutual oral, mutual Greek and eventually we got off in each others mouthes. Super hot and very addictive!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I got everything. She gave a discount and never looked at the clock. After our hot session we had a good time. Samanta does not speak English, but it went well anyway. She is sweet, affectionate and curious.

Comment to the rating

Coming to her again.

Time and place of the experience

August 2015 Thorning.

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Aline Granados*)

Latest of 1 reviews: We mixed her hot cum in our mouths and swallow

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*) Aline Granados is also known as: Samantha

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