slowly slid her cock into me

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I saw Yumi a few months ago in Brisbane. It was easy to find and a reasonably clean apartment. When I arrived she looked just like her pictures (very petite) and was dressed in black lingere. We took care of the formalities and she lead me to the bedroom. She quickly kneeled and took out my cock a started giving me a great uncovered BJ. After I got hard she pushed me back on the bed, pulled her cock out to the side and fed me her cock while she moved into 69 position. We suck each other for about 5 minutes until she got hard and horny. She pulled off my cock and put my head over the edge of the bed and started feeding me her decent sized (about 6.5-7") cock, slowly getting me to deepthroat her. After a while of that, she pulled out, put a condom on, made me get on all fours and got behind me. She slowly slid her cock into me, making sure I was ok before she fucked me senseless. It became a bit of a blur. After a while of that and with me still hard she put a condom on me and rode me like I've never had before. Her muscles were amazing and she milked me till I came. After that she asked me to blow her until she came in my mouth.

Did she live up to your expectations?


Did you get anything not on the menu?

Didn't get the golden shower.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No, all good.

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definitely worth the punt.

Time and place of the experience

Brisbane, a few months ago 2016

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Está en: Brisbane, Australia
Última de 5 reseñas: Hot fun with Yumi in Brisbane

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