I couldn't have enough of sucking it

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Abby Jacobs

I've seen Abby's ads for a while till I decided to see her. In her website, she claims to provide an excellent service and the photos there, although not high res, looked very natural and I liked that. So I've made up my mind that I was going to see her next time she was in Melbourne. I used her e-mail to check with her if we could meet up later in the day. I had a meeting in the City and was going to see her after that. In the email, I gave her my mobile number, where we would communicate from then on. Well, things almost went off rail. I kept in touch with her till before the start of the meeting. Since I didn't know precisely what time I'd be done, I told her I'd probably be leaving 7ish pm. Just after 7, she started texting me. But because I was in the middle of the meeting, I couldn't reply. My phone was vibrating by the second. I quickly peeked at it and I saw some missed calls from her and some texts. She was really angry. I had to make a move, to find out what was going on. So I went to the toilet. Oh, man, when I checked the content of her voice mails, she was spitting fire, but I couldn't fail to notice how sexy and feminine her voice was. I couldn't call her there because there was people around, so I replied, trying to quickly explain what was happening to me and to understand what was happening from her side. She replied while I was in the toilet. She couldn't accept my apologies (I didn't even know what I was apologizing for, though). I came back to the meeting distraught. I was really looking forward to seeing that beauty, but it seemed like the night was spoiled. I couldn't even concentrate. I asked my boss if I was really needed at that point, made up an excuse and I was good to go. As soon as I was out in the streets, I called her. I don't think she picked up my first couple of calls. But I wasn't accepting defeat. And I didn't want to look like a jerk, specially when I haven't done anything. I left the meeting before 7:30, so technically it was 7ish still. When she finally answered we could talk like civilized people. She explained that she thought I was some loser that was wasting her time recently. When she heard my voice in the voice mail, she thought I was the guy. She was also worried, at that stage, that she would not have time any more, since she had a web cam sesh later on. But I insisted (hearing her voice, specially going from angry to relaxed, really turned me on even more). So I took a tram to her place and after a while, I was in front of the building she was staying. Nice place, discreet, just a few metres from the tram stop.

She greeted me by the door and, once I was in, she gave me a nice, warm and lengthy kiss. I told her in the e-mail I love passionate kisses while fucking. She asked me if that was passionate. Oh yeah... Abby is the kind of trans I like. Very femine, gorgeous, nice height and a very natural looking body. She took me to her room. The place had a cosy atmosphere and was very nice and clean. I had a shower and soon was in her bed. She was really welcoming and relaxing. What a company. She was really chatty, which I love. It helps to loose the tension and makes things more intimate. Like talking, nose to nose, while kissing. She really took my fancy to passionate kisses by the book :D! Abby's body, to me, was so perfect. Like the photos you can see her, she's not like bony escorts, full of obvious surgeries. Everything in her look, and felt, natural. Amazing, big boobs; mouth watering lips, soft skin. Such a delicious body to rub yourself against. Specially with nice tool of hers between her legs.

I couldn't have enough of sucking it. Abby's cock has the right design for anal action. It starts narrow and then goes widening. When she told me it was all the way in... Oh, man... The sex experience was great. A truly GFE. After I came, we talked for quite a bit, not sure how long, but it was quite a talk. She's really intelligent and fun. We got involved in conversation so much that she almost forgot about her web cam session.

I had a shower and then we kissed good bye. I can't wait for her to return to Melbourne.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Hell, yeah!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Featured on this site? Yes, quite a lot.

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She's gorgeous and and a great provider.

Time and place of the experience

Around June, 2015, Melbourne

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