the prettiest ass i have ever seen

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After seeing her profile on the internet for about a months time, I finally decided to visit her. We wrote a couple of textmessages back and forth and she gave me her adress. When I got there I nervously pushed the doorbell and a second later the door opened. There she was. Tall and good looking. Dressed in a sexy corset, panties, bra and stockings. She showed me inside and we introduced ourselves to each other. Then she told me to sit on the bed so I did and started taking of her underwear. She has a great body with sweet little breasts, nice legs and an amazingly beautiful ass with a tattoo on one cheek. Very sexy body. I soon started kissing her down her belly to her sweet cock. She layed her hand on my head, holding it while she was moving her cock back and forth in my mouth and pointed to the big mirror on the wall so I could see myself blowing her while I was touching her sweet breasts. I also sucked a little on her breasts. After that she told me to lay down on the bed and we went at it in a 69. I had to stop her blowing me for a while because I was so horny I was ready to explode. She did and then started fucking me in the mouth because we was still in the 69 position. During this I was touching her breasts, playing with her nipples and also touched her amazingly sexy ass. After that she started sucking me some more and I could not hold it back any more and I came. While I came she was still sucking and I dont know what she did but it felt amazing and I was really enjoying it, that sensitive feeling when I came. After that we talked for a while about where she has been and where she is going next. Then she showed me outside and I gave her pretty ass a little clap and then we kissed each other goodbye.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes. Very tall and sexy. And the prettiest ass i have ever seen. I had only ordered 15 minuttes and I came while we were in the 69, so I did not have time to have anal sex with her.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I got what I came and paid for.

Comment to the rating

Too bad I did not have more time, but still great and she is so hot.

Time and place of the experience

28-08-2015 Near Hobro, Denmark.

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