Suddenly she sprayes all over me

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Wow .. I had wanted to try a ladyboy for a long time, and have read some reviews to be "sure" to get a good experience. Based on the reviews and the pictures I had seen of Nat, I decided that she should be the one. Must say she's really beautiful and delicious, and very very sweet. I started with a massage, and she even climbed on me, she does not weigh much :-) She undressed and gave me body 2 body, and I could feel her cock against my cheeks, very sexy and delicious to feel she became more and more hard .. She asks me to turn over, and now I can see all of her beautiful body/face.. wow :-) We cuddle a little, and she asks what I want, and I say that I do not know... have not tried it before, but I want to feel her with me and her to get inside me. I was placed gently on my back and she tries to bring it into me, but it does not happen.. it's just too bad: - / I really try to relax, but it will not go in, and she then says "NO, not today "She climbs up a bit against me, and we touch each other while we masturbate, and suddenly she sprayes all over me ... face and chest and abdomen, totally sexy .. :-) I take her in the mouth and masturbates until I come, truly wonderful and sexy :-) Too bad that I did not "feel" her, it is not crazy big thoigh .. What can I do another time ?? (For I will go to visit her again, that's for sure)

Did she live up to your expectations?

Absolutely Very very nice and sweet

Did you get anything not on the menu?

I do not think so?? But was given good treatment and lovely smiles (and a hug before I left:-)

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

She only said no to poke a finger in me.

Time and place of the experience

KBH Wednesday D2 December around noon

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*) Nat is also known as: Nana

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