She have a star because she looks good

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I call her to make an agreements on the phone she sounds very sweet we agreed an hour for something fun and massage sex. 20 minutes later I arrive to the scene and were received with a sweet smile and as soon as 1500 kr changed hands then a lot of excuses that she just had a customer before me. it was understandable if she can not do anymore that there is nothing wrong with but she could have just said so from the beginning that we find another day that I wiould call service but no no money machine. she start giving me some massage it was complete shit so I drop massage and she will not suck my dick oh oh it goes real well but she would like that I fuck her I was fucking horny so quickly got a condom on because I want to just have it over with. I fuck her for a maximum of 6 minutes and she began to complain that it is very painful for her. than I got enough of her, I went out of the room and began talking to an elderly lady who I think manages the place . I told her that she is a katstrofe for the place I want my money back and I got it. I give her one star because she looks good and do not give a shit more.

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