Moaned like a horny high school girl

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One evening on the way home from an event I had an hour to spend on other things - and when I was right near Sølvgade, I could easily get time to visit this evening. She is really hot and I was actually a little in doubt if it was the telephone girl ... but it WAS Nat. She even wanted to be sure and asked if I was aware that she was a ladyboy. I nodded intensely and we both laughed.

1,000 kroner for half an hour changed hands and I could throw myself into a totally feminine, smooth and soft body with delicious and firm breasts ... and a cheeky and fragrant ass. She had a fine cock that for such a feminine ladyboy must be said to be of a good size - maybe 15 cm? She was really sweet but seemed perhaps a bit shy/passive ... until I gave her black kisses. Then she moaned so brazenly that I forgot everything and quickly had to ask for a condom, so I could get to fuck her!

I rolled it on myself, after which she delivered lube to both of us. She lay down on her back with her legs in the air. After three attempts to enter her butt I finally managed to get in. And I gave her a good thorough fucking. I got so deep inside her bottom, that she got the right look rolled her eyes back and just enjoyed it and groaned like a horny high school girl.

After a short time I could feel my cumshot geting closer. I hurried to pull out and tried to slow down the inevitable. I gave her a little black kisses and penetrated again ... immediately I could feel the orgasm again was just around the corner. My cock was like a quivering nervous wreck that shook to fire his load. I thought the hell with it and fucked away while she squealed. I came but kept fucking a few minutes while I filmed her with my eyes ... super nice ladyboy.

I pulled myself out, kissed a little with her and put the clothes on while we chatted casually. She seemed almost disappointed that it went so fast.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, 100%. She is 100% feminine and charming.

Comment to the rating

Five stars for being so delicious and to give me just what I dreamed about that night!

Time and place of the experience

Copenhagen, Wednesday, June 17, 2015 at. 23rd

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