She sucked me deep and swallowed my cum

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I have had a fantasy for many years. Being fucked by a shemale. Now was the time. I browsed shemale wiki to see who was working this day. A saw the pictures of milena and texted her. She answered short after and we made an appointment 2 hours later. I was excited and nervous when I rang her doorbell. A sexy lady opened. Huge tits and I could slightly see her cock through the panties. My cock was instantly hard. We agreed on one hour and paid her 2000 dkr. We both undressed and kissed deep and intensely. I start touching and stroking her already hard cock. A fine size for a rookie. It's very curved to one side. She forced her cock in my mouth and started fucking it deep. I gagged and spit was all over her cock. It tasted so good. She fucked me a while like this. Then she put my legs on her shoulders and pointed her dick at my tight asshole. She forced it up and it hurt a bit. She took it out again and lubed my hole and took a condom on. She smashed her cock all the way deep up my ass and fucked me while she sucked my cock. She layed me in doggy and fucked me like a cheap whore. She couldn't hold back and sprayed her big load deep in my ass. I wished she had covered my face instead. She sucked my cock deeply while I cleaned her cock for cum. It was too much and I shoot a huge load in her mouth. Absolutely not my last time with a shemale!

Did she live up to your expectations?

Ohh yea very sexy and active

Did you get anything not on the menu?

She sucked me deep and swallowed my cum

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

We talked about video but didn't happen And wanted her to cover my face in cum

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Only 40 min when you pay for one hour is not okay

Time and place of the experience

Vejle 30/10 2015

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Is in: Barcelona, Spain
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*) Milena is also known as: Wanda and Amalia

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