My asshole was opened as much as possible

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Giuliana Ferrari

I met Giuliana in Berlin a couple of years ago and it was amazing ! Super easy to have an appointment, when i got in i found a beautiful tall girl. We went directly into the bedroom and I took off my clothes. She was super sexy with high heels and black lingerie. she took off her splip and we set on the bed, one in front of the other, starting touching our bodies. She kept the legs closed quite a long time(maybe just few seconds, but I was super courious!) and she denied me to kiss her lips, but in a very polite and good way. When she finally opened the legs i saw a beautiful fat dick, and I opened my eyes surprised! I took it in hand, and it was really fat and lovely, still relaxed and I asked to suck it. Of course she let it in my mouth, and was a incredible tasting of soft meat and cock getting hard. I sucked like crazy, trying a deep troath - very hard to do it because of the really big dick - and she told me to use just my mouth, no hands: she prefer it like that. She startd calling me "bitch, you like cocks" and I was forced to answer with her dick fulling my mouth... I was so excited that I thought I'll come there, lying down on my belly, nacked with m y dick incredebly hard.

She asked me if i'd like to be fucked. My thought was "oh yes please, destroy me!" but my rational side answerd "I think i'm not able to take it, I'm too tight for your dick, you are too big for me". I had already had experiences with passive sex, but was the first time for mewith a big cock like that. Than she said the right thing "after that fuck you're not gonna be tight anymore"... (How true was that sentence! How much I enjoyed getting fucked by her big dicks in the future!...) I simply lovded that sentence, and she let me suck her beautiful big cock for a while again, enourmous, so sexy. She turned me and she put some cream on my hole. Than she start pushing her meat-pipe into my ass, my asshole was opened as much as possible, i was to excited to say no, I felt so much pleasure when she got in -I felt it, I love so much that feeling, like a barrier that goes down - and she was in me, she pushed until the end and than she said to me, taking my hair and pulling my head back, completely submitted to her: "do you feel it? You have it in until the balls, you have it all in". I answerd "yes... I feel it", she asked me to repet it louder because she doesn't hear my voice... and I said it again, louder.. she touched my dick, so hard and big, and lay her tits on my back and said to me "you came here for that, you bitch, you love that" and I answerd YES! It was true, I simply wanted to get fucked like hell by that fat dick and to get my first cum face! She fucked me in different positions, she turned me and I was her little passive warm toy, she fucked me strongly until I came on her tits, and was a huge load, but she didn't cum on my face, she "couldn't" she said... We had a little talk after that fuck, then I got back home and my hole was hurting for a couple of days... but how much pleasure I had, and much I got being fucked in the future by heavy meats... Thanks Giuliana

Did she live up to your expectations?

A part from that she didn't cum on my face, I can only say YES!

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I wanted that cum on my face, my first time :P And she didn't

Time and place of the experience

Berlin, 2012

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Giuliana Ferrari

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Latest of 1 reviews: My asshole was opened as much as possible

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