Yes - she is good looking

Review by: Niklas
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This review is a FAKE I was not even in Gothenburg when this was supposed to have taken place and I always try my best to give a good service and satisfy my customers.

Texted Paris FM when she was in Gothenburg, since it was the way she wanted to be contacted. After a few hours I got the answer from her and wrote back and wondered why it had taken such a time to answer me. So I really got the first warning signal with an angry text message back and miscellaneous angry smileys. Anyway, I wanted to meet her since I read good things about her prior to the meeting. Reserved a time for 1 hour for 3000 SEK. I arrived five minutes early and texted her and let her know that I have arrived. I get a new angry message, I had to wait a while. I get a little confused and wonder if I really want to go through with this when she is downright rude and unpleasant in her message. Thinking that she might have had some unpleasant customer earlier or that it is due to the fact that there may be language difficulties and I therefore go up to the apartment anyway. Paris opens the door, and yes - she is good looking. I can not say anything else about it .. But it is also more or less the only thing that still looks promising. She asks for money immediately, which of course I give her. Everything then goes in a rather quick pace, she gets my pants off and starts sucking me. Fast and too hard, I ask her, therefore, to be a little gentler. She looks up at me and says straight to my face! I have no time for that. WHAT no time ?! I've booked and paid for an hour. Well, tell her that now it is my turn to get her to enjoy a little bit, so I take her panties off and is being greeted by a cock of perhaps 15-16 cm .. Not the 23 cm, which she claims having in her ads. Approaching her cock and then I realize that she is not clean, she has not been in the shower before our meeting. This is not ok with me. It is now about 15 minutes since I came in the door. I ask to end the meeting and ask her half of the payment return, since she had not delivered, and since she had not showered. Now she becomes downright mad and say I can forget about it. I can not even share with her, I take my clothes and shoes on in silence. In the meantime, while I do this, she takes hrt phone and begins sending text messages. Paris is only looking for quick money, she has a terrible attitude and is not honest in her advertising. The worst thing was that she was not freshly washed, it hurts. I feel sorry for her future customers.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Absolutely not.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Yes! Attitude and not freshly washed.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Like everything.

Comment to the rating

Had you been able to give zero stars, I would have done it. I am downright fucking disappointed.

Time and place of the experience

Gothenburg February 5, 2016

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