The cock pulsate and cum fills my mouth

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Tarah Kiss

It is actually about 5 years ago but it was my first time with a trans. I had gone for a long time with the fantasy to try a naughty trans. I called Tarah and made a booking. I went out to her place, was let in by her, could not really see her as she stood behind the door. We approached the bed and she sits down, I hurry to get my clothes off... I am very horny and excited. I went to her and she immediately takes my dick in her mouth... mmmmmmmm. She sucks damn well.

I jumped in bed ready for a 69'er, but first I had to get her panties off and out comes a beautiful cock. This is the first time I touch someone elses. I jerk it carefully, get up the courage and get it gently in the mouth, and instantly I can feel that I damn love to suck cock. She tries to mouth fuck me but I must hold on tight, so I wont suffocate. Finally she surrenders herself, and let me suck.

It's just great to be there in a 69'er with naughty Tarah, and I can feel I'm about to come. But before I get there she comes without warning in my mouth. I notice how the cock pulsate and cum fills my mouth. I'm a little surprised, but swallow while I come myself. She moves, would have liked to return the favor - hehe. I suck her clean and she says with the naughtiest smile "naughty boy".

It was an amazing first time, and I have returned to naughty Tarah several times. Unfortunately it is some years since I've seen her advertise.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes definitely, and she was incredibly sweet.

Comment to the rating

Too bad she does not advertise anymore. I would love to visit her again.

Time and place of the experience

Approximately 2010/2011 in Denmark.

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