Rimming her sweet ass

Review by: KeithLaird
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I have met the beautiful Rebecca twice now in Dublin. A gorgeous lady, and an even nicer person. I'm not that experienced, but always willing to explore. Last time I met her, the first thing stands out was walking up the stairs behind her to the apartment. She was wearing a loose t-shirt and no bottoms. Her hot and smooth pert ass peeking out underneath, getting me hard just walking up the stairs. She had just arrived to Dublin after flying in, and I think was a little tired, however what followed was without doubt the best experience of my life. Started to kiss passionately immediately, and both lay on the bed together there and then. Stopped for a second to take care of the finances and back to business. I stripped to my boxers, and she lay on her back just in her panties. We kissed passionately for some more time, with me now rock hard and I could feel her growing too. I moved down her body, and removed her panties, taking her gorgeous member in my mouth. She was hard and I enjoyed sucking and then rimming her sweet ass. I needed her inside me. I got up and onto all 4's on the bed, and she started to rim me. I was in heaven and before long I needed to be fucked. I pay face down and she entered me, whilst jerkig me good. Before long I came, and she was soon close too. Her hot seed shot all over my stomach and balls and I was in a world of my own for those few moments. We had a great little chat after I showered, and I think she was then going for a nap. I really wanted to just get in a lay naked asleep with her, until we both woke and she slid inside me again. My absolute favourite person of all time. A gem!

Did she live up to your expectations?


Did you get anything not on the menu?

That's between me and Rebecca!

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

No. She was wonderful.

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I wish I could see you every day!

Time and place of the experience

Dublin, summer 2015.

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