She quickly gets a huge and tasty cock

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Here I lay Friday night horny and needed to get the bandit dusted off. After an earlier visit to Pamela that went quite well, I decided that I had to meet her again. We agreed on time and I leave to meet her (asked her to stand completely naked from when she opened the door). She opens the door stark naked as agreed (even in the flaccid state it is nice and big). We start kissing and pawing at each other. We agreed on mutual French for 500kr. We slip into the room and she takes payment immediately, it must be said that she threw the money in the drawer and pulled me in bed immediately. We start in a 69'er where I am at the bottom, and she quickly gets a huge and tasty cock up. Then she start to give me deepthroat and suck/lick my cock so I am getting close to come several times. Then she asks me to take her in doggy style and without hesitation I'm gonna stick it up in the tight hole. Then she rode me like a pro while I looked at the lovely big cock bouncing up and down. I ended unfortunately with coming right quickly while she rode me. So I spermede in my condom inside her while she was sitting on me. At the same time she sat quietly and jerked off until she sprayed all over me. We sucked each other of at the end and went to the shower together where she just took it in her mouth to get the last out of it :) then it was thanks for a great experience and goodbye.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes and more!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

A lot !! Should clearly get my hands on her as soon as she is back in business !!!!!

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Nothing at all - without doubt the best sexual experience ever!

Comment to the rating

The cock tasted great and it is even larger than in the pictures;) I just have to say - Pamela doesnt look half bad.

Time and place of the experience

Spring 2015

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*) Pamela is also known as: Yanse, Manuela and Nicole

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