Her cock felt very nice in my ass.

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Thalita Oliveira

I met this beauty in Tallinn last friday. We texted a few days in advance before she arrived in Tallinn. First I was a bit suspicious since she didn't have any reviews. She looks just too good to be true in her pictures for her not to have been tested and reviewed. But then she was so warm and nice in those messages that I decided to book a whole hour and I don't regret it! She was waiting for me in a great location and was as drop dead gorgeous as her photos. She had nice lingerie on and went to wait for me in bed. She immediately started kissing me gently and was a true gf there. The she unbuttoned her lingerie and let that nice cock out. It was nicely curved and hard and somehow very silky. Than I asked her to fuck me in missionary so I can see her. I found it a little hard to believe her beauty and those natural big boobs were all mine to play with. Just purely surreal. Her cock felt very nice in my ass. she was french kissing me at the same time and I just didn't want it to end. after some more banging in different positions I asked her to come in my mouth. The load was very nice and there was lots of it all over my face. Then I wanted to bang her a bit too and she had no problems with that. So I did and really enjoyed the view and how she felt and looked. After a while she started giving me bj and when I asked can I fuck her still some more, she said that her ass hurts and I saw that she wanted me to come now, which was totally ok for me. She gave a nice hand job and I came hard. After that we still cuddled for a while since there was lots of time still. I left happily. Goes to my top3 experiences ever.

Did she live up to your expectations?

I didnät believe that she would be anything as great as in the ad and pics but boy how wrong I were, and how happy I was for that.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

All bj was without condom and the load was nice. Everything was very natural.

Comment to the rating

Unbelievably nice gf experience and her cock is perfect.

Time and place of the experience

Tallinn 4. March 2016 Estonia

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