She hammered her ass down over my cock

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Cinthya Haykchaeli

I saw the beauty's pictures on and also found a few videos on youtube/advert and agreed with myself that if it was real, it was worth a visit. And let it be said once and for all, Cinzia is even more beautiful and sexier in fact! Cinzia was dressed up in stockings a very small tanga and stillettos upon arrival. Nothing else. She jumped out of the stilletos quickly, which was appropriate as my own height was otherwise challenged, and she rubbed affectionately up against me while I studied the menu. Cinzias English is just enough for household use (however fine track of the important words I found out later) with a mixture of English and my school French, we found out what we had to do and the price for it. I jumped in the shower and she left with the money and a "tu minots". Before I got out of the bath she knocked on the door and was ready with a clean (and warm?) Towel which I thought I had to dry myself with. "No darling, I do" and she did so and she pulled me, by my cock, over to the bed and pushed me down. After a stunning blowjob with good eye contact and also a thorough tour of the newly washed (and home-shaven balls) which was properly fitted with rubber and lubricated with a little racerlubricant. "Ready baby" she said with a big pair of bedroom eyes and crawled up on me while she guided my cock into her petite popo (and it is so petite compared to her height). 1,2,3 gentle pressure and she was in all the way to the bottom with a small gasp after which she began to ride me while she played her own cock. First quiet and long movements, but soon faster and harder, while she hammered her ass down over my cock until I asked for a time out in order not to spoil the fun early. A small breather and "U naw". She slid down, threw herself on her back, pushed her ass up with her hands and slammed the long slender rods above her head. "Come baby". She did not have to say this twice. I fucked the best I could while sweat ran down me and she encouraged me with little heckling and euphony while she had a firm grip on my buttocks and even, to some extent, controlled how hard she got it. Could feel that there was not to long before I would come and asked for "from behind?" "OK," and she did a mine to turn around in bed, but I got her down on the floor and placed her ass in the appropriate height so that I could give it a thorough work over with one leg on each side of her delicious ass and a slight bend in the knees. And then she was properly punished ...... in the approximately 30 seconds I could keep from cuming. Pyhaaaaaaaa. A final bath and after 45 min. I sat back out in my car a little poorer (and lighter), but a really nice experience richer. Thanks Cinzia (if you read this)

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, roughly. Relatively rare to meet so delicious trannies here in DK.

Time and place of the experience

Begnning of December in Thorning, Denmark.

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Cinthya Haykchaeli*)

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*) Cinthya Haykchaeli is also known as: Cinzia and Cynthia Haykchaeli

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