I was in ecstasy and asked for more

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Alessandra Carvalho

Called and agreeD on a meeting with Sandra. It was easy as she speaks good English. She did send the address by tSMS and requested a short delay which I accepted. Again closer to but before the agreed time she SMS me about another short delay with some appropriate excuses... Finally she SMS being ready. I went to the address and called her and she immediately opened the door to the street and let me in the block house. Which was nice, no need to hang around on the street. At this point I was more than relieved to notice that she's a perfect match to her pictures, even though wearing outdoors coat. Maybe a few years older than some of the pics but well maintained. She let us in the apartment, which was nice and tidy. Took of her coat and revealed a gorgeous body beneath it. Huge tits covered by a net type of shirt. Yummy! She's tall, me being 185, and as she put high heels on she went well above my height. Wow, what a sight, I started getting good blood circulation in my crotch. We did the mandatory transactions and then she took of all her clothes and asked permission to shower first, which I gladly accepted my eyes being fixed on her nice body and especially good sized penis. She asked me to get undressed and went to shower. I had showered recently so when she returned we went directly to a good sized sofa bed and started fondling each other. Her body is just magnificent, I took a little bit of time with the tits, her giving me hand and me the same to her. She put condoms on both of us and we started sucking each other. Her penis started growing and she took my head and pushed it all the way down my throat making me gag a little bit. That apparently some how turned her on as she got almost instantly rock hard ?? Then she asked if she could fuck me. I accepted and told her to be gentle as my ass is not much used (yet) and is really tight. I was really nervous as her cock is large and by all means the biggest that I've experienced. She took another condom and put it on her two fingers with some lubricant and started preparing me for the coming. After a while she took the fingers away and led her cock in my ass and started pushing it in in gentle moves. At the beginning it did hurt a bit but after few pauses and retries it was all in, still hurting a bit. Few more gentle moves and pauses I started feeling good and asked her to continue. She was communicating with me all the time and listened to me well. I started to enjoy and asked for more and she fucked me with good shoves giving me hand at the same time. I was in heaven feeling her big cock inside, seeing her huge boobs and nice body over me. Then she lifted my legs on her shoulders and started banging me really forcefully going all the way in. After a while she turned me on my side and continued strong fucking. I was in ecstasy and asked for more ?? She put me on my back again and kept on fucking and started also stroking my penis. It didn't take long after I had to say I was cumming and she gave me a good finishing with powerful fucking and stroking. She cleaned me up and let me rest for a while before showering. I left her smile on my face

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes. Maybe a bit of a rush due to the delay and next appointment, but not too bad.

Comment to the rating

Best so far, in my limited experience, 4.5 would be correct rating...

Time and place of the experience

March 2015 Helsinki

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Sandra Carvalho

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