I fucked her while she moaned

Review by: Den unge fyr
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Chanel Shu

I had a great experience with Chanel Shu. She was very sweet and beautiful. She met me in the door and took me to her room where she told me to undress and lay down down on the bed. She began sucking me and then she asked if I wanted to fuck her. And indeed I did. I fucked her while she moaned delightfully and got hard right away. She said she didn't kiss, which disappointed me a bit. But while I fucked her I thought I would try anyway: she didn't protest and we kissed passionately. I really enjoyed it. All i all I hada grat experience with Chanel. And I really want to see her again.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes and in some ways even exceeded them!

Comment to the rating

five stars for a great experience and a beautiful shemale.

Time and place of the experience

late night in Aalborg

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