told her to suck me while I finger fucked her

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Nicole Fontanelli

We met in Athens. She came to my place, after some conversation on the phone to make sure I wasn't a psycho (or a cop). She is one of the most passable shemales I have ever seen. Tall, fit, with a gorgeous smile, she acted as if we were long lost friends from the moment she came in. I gave her her present and she asked to use the bathroom. While she got ready I brought some wine and sat in front of the fire place, trembling with nerves, thats how good she looked. When she came out she wore white lingerie and her heels and she asked me if I approved. I told her that if she takes off the heels I'll nail them on her feet. She sat next to me and we had some social time with some light petting. After a bit, we started kissing hard and she started taking of my clothes while I became acquainted with her body (my god her boobs and legs). She knew I wanted her to be passive, so she lowered herself and gave me a nice slow blow job. I hate to say I came in less than five minutes but she didn't mind, playing with my cum for a bit before going to the bathroom. Next we met at the bedroom. She is a fucking stallion. She works out and it shows, flawless body, mesmerising breasts. I licked all her body, taking special care of her asshole. Then I flipped her and started throat fucking her. She stopped me and asked me to lie down while she gave me a little show. She fingered her tight hole then straddled me as she slowly took me inside her. We went on having a nice gfe fuck with lots of kisses. She has an very sexy voice and she enjoys her job. we went from cow girl to missionary to reverse cowgirl and I pulled out and came for a second time on her breasts. We fooled around for a bit, had a shower and since mister happy was ready for round 3 i pushed her on the sink, put on a rubber and went to work on her ass with her screaming and looking at me through the mirror. I stopped myself after maybe 20 minutes and took her back in the bedroom. Threw her on her face and knees and I ate that asshole for a good quarter of an hour. She started playing with her cock but I stopped her instead I kneeled in her face, told her to suck me while I finger fucked her. I knew I didn't have a lot more to give so I pulled out, pushed back in her ass and fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. It didn't take long and I came all over her back and ass cheeks and collapsed. After getting her breath back she went to clean up and came back telling me we still had time ( I paid for three hours). She understood I was spent so she gave a nice massage for a couple of minutes and i could feel her cock poking me. She I flipped her, fondled her for a bit and then started sucking her. She started making appreciative noises and I have to admit the view was great from where i was standing. She started begging for my ass but I kept on sucking till she force-fed me her sperm. I snowballed her (i think she didn't like that) cause she grabbed my head and started face fucking me. She switched us to 69 with her playing with my ass and urging me on and then she pulled out, wore a condom and told me to get on my knees on the floor. Now I've had bigger and thicker so it wasn't a major problem but she gave me a good 20 minutes pounding (first on my knees and then on my back) before pulling out and cumming all over my chest and face. We cleaned up, had a little chat (she offered to give me back 50 euros but I declined) and she left me spent and sore.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes, 100% yes.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

The arrangement was all inclusive so I'd say no.

Comment to the rating

She's expensive but she's worth it.

Time and place of the experience

Athens. 17th December 2014

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