Her cum was so tasteful

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Hello out there. For a long time I have fantasized about being with a Ladyboy. The older I have become, it has become more and more natural for me to test my fantasy., I made an appointment on Friday for this morning with Jenny in aarhus. I arrived as agreed and just had to wait for 15 minutes until there was an available room. I got a cup of coffee and waited with sweaty hands and my heart right up into the throat. After a while Jenny came in and we sat and chatted while she touched gently at my legs and said that I was beautiful and Nice. Idamn not many who have said that so directly before ... She took me into the room and she asked me to undress and lay down on the mattress. She also took her clothes of and what a nice body she presented. I was almost about to go into shock by the sight and the excitement ... We kissed and made love gently and warm with blowjobs, 69er and black kisses, and after 15 minutes, she came in my mouth. It was so nice and her cum was so tasteful. It was crazy awesome. I did not fuck her, but I´ll do that next time. I have to visit her soon again. She is highly addictive and scored full House with me. I actually think that I was a little in love. Subsequently I got a massage and I finished off with gently touching her while I lay an admired her.

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Her breasts are simply so fine and firm

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Thuesday the 17/11-15 kl. 10.30

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Is in: Valby, Denmark
Latest of 10 reviews: An incredible ass I'll be back!

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*) Jenny is also known as: Jenni

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