Her cock is probably about 24 cm and quite large

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Had called her and now her name is Pamela and asked for the price, what I wanted and thus no problems. Found the address on vejlelandevej 74-75. Was greeted by a girl, not very appealing, and then shown into a room, with windows right next to the road. Had been told 30 min cost 1000 kr and 1 hour 2000 kr. And when I entered the room there was a price list and here 30 min cost 1300 kr, however, had made up my mind if she wanted more, I would leace, but she did not. We'll take the positives first: That's her in the picture, but she has a different name. Her cock is probably about 24 cm and quite large and she is very tall. THAT WAS IT !!

THE NEGATIVE: The rest of the Act, had ordered 30 minutes, but had more money, if it should prove to be a good experience, but no. Right in the beginning, her cock was hard and did hurt a little when she entered, but after 3-4 minutes, it was more and more flaccid and she started playing my cock, as if the earth would go under and only one position all the way through and all put together, maybe 15-20 minutes with the foreplay as the longest. Her cock was so lax that it slipped out....

Did she live up to your expectations?

not at all, it all went wrong just as she got her money. .... and so, I suppose an Eastern European girl who recieved me, should have left immediately. As said, her cock was impressive the first 3-5 minutes max, it is sad and very disappointing. Do not spend the money on her.

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

the comitment is not there, but only one position.

Comment to the rating

If I could give 0 stars, she would have got that. Must admit that nowadays only a minority lives up to what they write and you should not belittle that despite everything, Yoou pay a lot of money, and it is also ok if they just want to make a decent performance, but it was a huge disappointment unfortunately.

Time and place of the experience

Vejlelandevej 74-75, Fredericia at 15.40. 2014

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