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Melissa Kerr

Finally I got the fuck I can not get at home:-P Have seen Melissa's profile a few times when she visited CBH and hesitated. But took the chance the other night and wrote her a text message asking if she was fresh to be my New Years bang. 1 hour after I stood in front of her front door and she opened with a cheeky smile, sexy eyes and sexy suspender belt, stockings and towering stilettos - she has a piping hot and naughty body, nice and great shapes. She oozes sex and play, Melissa pulled me quickly into the stairwell to give me a sexy deep kiss. We get started, Melissa is super accommodating and definitely not shy - she quickly went to her knees and opened my pants to see what I hid in there (was already good and hard here). Hands and lips worked diligently and to top marks on my hard cock. Were allowed to enjoy it long and fuck her well down the throat - she really enjoyed it. But an eye for an eye and I LOVE sucking a naughty shemale cock. Pulled the panties of her, and sprang to Melissa's secret, a delicious tough girly dick around 17-18 cm - perfectly smooth and clean. Jerked her off and gave her a good blowjob, then she finally asked me to stop for her not to cum. hehe. Up on the bed, she cam and rubber on the dick, showed me her tight ass and I pressed my cock slowly into her delicious hot and horny ass a rare and lovely sight. Had to fuck her thoroughly and she also got a good ride - it looked like a scene from a porn movie - beautiful intense and sexy ... I had asked before if Melissa was top or bottom and she was both - so she asked if it was not time that I got a ride .. Mmh I thought but had to say I was neither trained nor smooth in my ass as her. Melissa took her time, plenty of lube and went quietly to work, started to play with my ass and squeezing her girly cock up in me. Really naughty and nice to get such a round of girlie cock from such a naughty and delicious slut as Melissa. Melissa has a super naughty and delicious body - not so tall (think 1.68), but her heels does the trick and she is super clean and well maintained. Nice tits, sexy lips, firm butt and sexy eyes - I've tried a few shemales through time and she is clearly in my top 3. I highly recommend this hottie, she is in no hurry and is present during the playtime - not a girl who just counter kr and minutes every time you come to her - those we have all known and tried;-)

Did she live up to your expectations?

YES 100% and more ... Hot sexy beautiful ...

Did you get anything not on the menu?

No - got all I could handle hehe

Time and place of the experience

Copenhagen 2015.

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