Began to kiss and lick her breasts

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I met her in Aalborg after a desire to be with a TS again, so I had been looking forward to having to be with her. She opens the door and leads me into the room, she did not quite live up to the pictures but she had no make up on and it can do much, but she looked okay, I select a half hour for 1500 I paid and she went out with the money, and come in after a few minutes in panties and bra, she starts by saying that it is not included that she comes. A little strange since it's cocktail I choose.

We start, I undress and present myself naked and ready, she takes bra off and lay on the bed and starts to make me hard with her hand, I began to kiss and lick her breasts, and it sounds like she likes it, she wants to keep her panties on, I also begin to caress her legs and buttocks while I lick her breasts and I can feel her stubbly legs and buttocks, suffered a turn-off here. Her breasts are also very hard so not the best implants, but she react very sincere to my treatment, however, here comes yet another turn-off when her "friend" is laughing at her moaning. In the room next door.

Now I want to enjoy some too, so I make a sign towards my cock and she starts giving me a round of super French, while I caress her but her stubbles is a slight minus. After she licked a bit, not the best blowjob I have received, I ask her to take her panties off, her cock is hard already but does not look like one at 22 cm but a good size anyway, and I'm not a fan of too big dicks, so it's not a minus for me. I get her to put the rubber on and I lick her in a 69, now I want to fuck her so I turn her onto her back and begins to rim her she is clean so that was a plus.

I put myself right between her legs and pressed our cocks together and played them, she seems to enjoy it and says that she is not going to come unless I pay extra, something of a turn off, so I say no and ask instead for a condom as I am about to fuck her, she asks her friend in Spanish about something and after that answer comes, she says. Time finish. What! I think it can not be true, I am so disappointed that I just said ok, and get ready to go, she says however, that it's okay if I want to cum by jerking off by her, without paying extra. I do not really want anymore, but she wants to start and jerks me off, ​​and I make sure to make it go fast, hurry to get dressed since I just want to leave.

She goes out to get something and I take a quick look at the phone, 25 minutes ago since I came in the door, it means that she has cheated me out of at least 10 minutes since the time of payment is also within the 25 minutes. when we go out, she says however, that it was great for her, and I think she is right 20 minutes when she got the most out of it. I had hoped for both fucking her and getting fucked. But instead, I am out hte door after receiving a normal bj and hj. Not my best experience of a latino ts. I think I'll stick to my Asians, they are in my opinion the best, and I hope that soon there will be another one in Aalborg

Did she live up to your expectations?

No, unfortunately, did not feel I got the time I paid for, and was not happy that she had so many stubs on her legs buttocks and body.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

No, but did not do so much with her

Did she deny you anything on her menu?

Yes she would not cum without getting paid for it, and it was not on the menu, and when I wanted to fuck her time had suddenly run out.

Comment to the rating

Mostly based on that she did not give me the time I paid for, and that she was not shaved and in make up, when I came, and I had to ask to get her to give me bj and take her panties off, I felt she just wanted to enjoy without providing the service.

Time and place of the experience

On September 8, 2014 in Aalbor

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