Straddled my face force-feeding me her dick

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Brisa is amazing. I try to meet with her when she comes to Brussels and have seen her several times. She has an extremely fit and tight body with a very sexy face and voice. She is absolutely tireless in bed and will punish you to your limit. She is very verbal and takes control right away. Her cock is rock hard, but not huge, which is fortunate as it would be like god giving a tiger wings. My last meeting with her went like this:

I arrived around 5:30 to a tidy small flat. Brisa answered the door in lingerie and stilettos welcoming me with a smile and an embrace. She started to feel my ass and breath heavily into my neck and chest. I kissed her tits, which drew a responsive moan, and she pushed me to her waist. At that point her strong hands had grabbed my hair pushing all the way down to her feet. I kissed and licked my way back to her cock. Aftera few seconds she told me to take off my clothes. I was now standing naked in front of her, but only for a second as I was quickly tossed on the bed with my head hanging over the side. Brisa straddled my face force-feeding me her dick. 69 followed and it was all I could do to keep from exploding. After about 5 minutes she decided the preliminaries were over and asked if I was ready to become her bitch. She did not wait for a reply throwing my legs over her shoulders and entering me in one fluid expert motion. Her cock is incredibly hard. She entered my hole about half way and asked if wanted her dick, I nodded yes. "Tell me how much you want it BITCH". For the next 30 minutes Brisa was insatiable.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes. She is superb.

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Exceptional combination of sweetness and authority.

Time and place of the experience

Oct 2015, Brussels

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*) Brisa is also known as: Satine

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