It was a painfull, but hot experience

Review by: Papitoxoxo
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Isabella BIGCOCK24cm

I met Isabella the other day in a central hotel. She looked just like her photos, and the best thing....Her cock is huge!! it is definitive 24 cm as promised. She learned me how to really deep throat and i loved seeing her huge cock glinsering in my spit! After some good cock sucking she wanted to fuck me, I had some TS cock in my life, but i was not sure if I was going to be able to take this.... She showed it in, and it hurt like hell!! she stretched me out until i couldn't feel my ass anymore. It was a painfull, but hot experience...she pounded me for a long time, I could feel ti all the way up my stomach,, even as I got home later i felt so totally outfucked and out stretched... She ended it by cumin in my mouth, and of course, she had a gallon of amazing...after we talked for a long time...Whole session 1,5 hour ca, and paid for only 30...

Did she live up to your expectations?

Extremely professional and a true pleasure.

Did you get anything not on the menu?

dont know, but she gave me all i needed and wanted.

Comment to the rating

I give her 24 stars for every cm of her cock she shoved up my ass!

Time and place of the experience

Norway 2015

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Isabella BIGCOCK24cm*)

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*) Isabella BIGCOCK24cm es también conocido como: Isabella y Isabella 24cm

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