With Angelina fucking my ass Isabella 69ed us

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Isabella BIGCOCK24cm

I called Isabella after some research of her reviews and I was not disappointed. Originally the deal was for a couple of hours between the two of us but when I got there I was greeted by her friend Angelina who informed me that Isabella was with a client and she would be with me soon. She showed me to the room (clean, air conditioned) and she left so I undressed and relaxed on the bed. Angelina came back after a couple of minutes, stark naked and she sat at the edge of the bed, and she asked me if I wanted to have her instead since she thought Isabella was gonna be late. We haggled a bit and we agreed we would start playing and when Isabella was finished she would join us. She left for a couple of minutes and came back with some lube and condoms. I told her I wanted to get fucked and she smiled. She told me to get off the bed and on my knees and she sat at the edge of the bed slowly tugging at her cock. She offered me her dickhead which I licked and them started sucking. She let me enjoy myself for a while and then grabbed my hair and started using me every now and then pulling out and smacking me in the face with her dick. It didn't take long before she ordered me to get on my knees on the bed and she started lubing me and dry humping me. She has a nice meaty dick (probably 22cm) and she worked that dick slowly up my ass, making me feel every cm. When she was all inside me she pressed her tits on my back and started slowly pulling out and pushing in. It didn't take long for me to open up and she started getting progressively rougher with me asking me if I liked it and if she was too big. At some point I tried to wriggle out but she pushed me down and kept on fucking alternating between fast thrusts and slow long ones. I was enjoying myself so much that I didn't notice Isabella coming in. I just found myself looking at her gorgeous eyes while her friend was pounding my asshole. Angelina pulled out and left the room but before I could say anything Isabella kissed me and ordered me to suck her cock. She was wearing a bath towel which she pulled off so I could marvel. Great body nice thick cock (slightly shorter but thicker than Angelina's) classic brazillian ass. I started sucking her cock lying on my stomach while she massaged my back and asshole. She told me that Angelina really opened me up for her and laughed but when I tried to speak she choked me with her dick. Angelina came back with some water so we stopped so I could take a drink. Then they made me alternate sucking them, eating their balls and assholes. Then Angelina laid on the bed and I mounted her while Isabella was fucking my face. They then put me on my back and with Angelina fucking my ass Isabella 69ed us. In two minutes flat I burst in her mouth. She let it dribble on my stomach and kept on working my mouth. Angelina pulled out and came all over my face. She took a towel and cleaned me up when Isabella called me to come over to a dresser. She procided fucking me standing, not caring a bit if I was hurting. Angelina asked me if I need her anymore and I told her she could go between screams. Isabella pounded me senseless then forced me to take her cum in my mouth. We relaxed for a bit and I asked her if we had more time to which she replied yes. So we 69ed, she let me fuck her (but I wasn't allowed to cum.) and what an awesome asshole she has and then she put me on my back, put my feet on her shoulders and slow fucked me until i begged her to fuck me hard. She obliged wearing a dirty smirk on her face while she claimed my ass. She pulled out twice telling me not yet before she finally pulled out and filled my mouth (and one eye) with her cum. As a bonus, Angelina came when I was in the bathroom and she made me blow her in the shower. I paid 500euros if you're wondering stayed two hours.

Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes and then some

Did you get anything not on the menu?

She fed me her cum

Comment to the rating

Cant find Angelina so a combined 5 star for both of them

Time and place of the experience

August 8th 2015 Athens.

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