Fucked me hard and spanked me

Review by: Den meget hygsomme
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I was with Alessandea and Brenda last week and we agreed on 30 min with both of them. When I enter, I am greeted by Alessandra and she was standing in bikini top and short shorts, her breasts sitting fantastically well on her body, and you can not see what she hid behind the very tight shorts, I got into the bedroom and we agreed, what would happen. Then Alessandra went to Brenda and picked her up, she has changed her hair color to black and is more tanned than her pictures, but otherwise you can still recognize her, and I got more than I had expected. First I put myself between them and kissed their mouth and breasts in turns, then Alessandra took her cock out and the pictures make her look small, compared to what I got in the mouth. I almost choked several times when she was hard, for once she gets going, she goes deep - mega sexy, she took me in her mouth and then I sucked her hard again, then she asked if I would like to get fucked, and I did not say no to that, and put myself in the doggy position while I sucked Brenda. Her cock is as it is described on her profile, not as huge as Alessandras but a good size, if you are not used to be taken both ways. My asshole was first pushed gently by Alessandra, but when her head was inside, she did not hold back and took me hard untill everuthing was inside and just fucked me like a slut in heat, and I even came with some girly moaning sounds, Brenda came in my mouth and I sucked her hard again. Then they changed positions and the same thing happened again, then they laid me on my back and Brenda took me in missionary with her legs under me while I sucked Alessandra and she came in my mouth again so I sucked her hard again and they changed, and Alessandra fucked me in missionary as Brenda before and Brenda fucked me in the mouth while jerking me off and she came in my mouth again, and I came to a crashing orgasm. I also think Alessandra came up inside me. The two girls sat grinning how wild it was that I came so much, I lay for a few minutes and could not move, then I took a bath, and sincce only 20 minutes had passed I asked Alessandra if I could suck her again and she said yes, and since I had drool running down my chin she asked if she should fuck me again, and she did. Brenda was in another room, but just to be filled out by the giant she had between her thighs. She fucked me hard and spanked me and said things that sounded mega dirty in her own language, and it was enough that I quickly came, then washed myself and took some mouthwash and brushed my teeth and kissed her goodbye, looked into Brenda who sent me an kiss, and then I staggered out the door.

Did she live up to your expectations?

more than lives up to expectations. She gave me a fantastic experience with Brenda

Did you get anything not on the menu?

no but it was more than enough

Comment to the rating

the two have good hygiene, are very devoted to condoms when they fuck your ass, and then they are generally very delightful to be with, they take care of everything, both bath towel shampoo and mouthwash, even though I had my own gear;)

Time and place of the experience

Trøjborg center in Aarhus

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