She rammed her cock all the way down

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I came to Camilla and I started with a bath, where she came to me and we washed each other, a delicious start. Inside on the bed I licked her and it was nice to feel her grow to full size - maybe not quite 22 - but quite large and lovely thick. She was very active and deepthroated me all the way to the root, delicious. Then she turned me on to all 4 and wanted to fuck me but she was unfortunately too large for me to handle, so I was asked to turn my head out over the bed and then I deepthroated her again hard and long, delicious To feel her balls against my head, she rammed her cock all the way down when she came, really cool. She put my legs over my head and made me lick my dick while she licked my ass so I came with a huge bang.

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she gave a delicious massage also body to body and deep kissing

Time and place of the experience

Thorning 2014

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